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Educational Theatre in Nepal is a Non-Profit organization established to bring social development and social change. We work on various issues ranging from gender equality, human rights, women's issues,children's education, teaching kindness and compassion. The unique feature of our entire project is that we apply a theatrical method as a tool to touch the hearts and minds of the community, creating awareness through amusement. Further, The Educational Theatre offers interactive and inspiring performances that create friendly environments where children, families and communities can learn to ask hard questions and share their struggles with each other. This innovative approach is used to ultimately create and promote resilient communities. Performances are staged on the streets, public places, traditional meeting spaces, schools or shelter homes and other institutions, inviting an alternative and often spontaneous audience to watch. In one single word that ‘community is a stage and our overall activities are very theatrical educational ways which help to connect between society and education.

Drama for School

'Drama in School' is a practical learning method using creativity, imagination and expression for this joyful center.
ETIN is doing the project of “Drama for School’ as a creative and imaginative way to teach. We propose to your school the drama coordination project. We create projects, according to your program, syllables, courses, subject, content as well as story. The stories come from your own history and from the students themselves. We appreciate your theatrical atmosphere and help to include our technical and creative support and finally we make a perfect play for using more creative and theatrical t...

Classes offered for students

ETIN offers a wide range of creative instructions in art, music, dance and theatre for kids and adults. These kinds of creative programmes help them know their self abilities and understanding opportunities in life.

Exploring Creativity

Drama Game

Acting Techniques

Expressive Arts






Physical Fitness

Social Awareness

Story Telling

Voice & Communication Skills

Rehearsing And Performing Words

Movements And Cues

Yoga And Spiritual Activities

Physical Participation And Physiological Involvement

We are creating changes. Creating Impacts since 2014.

We are contributing to a change.
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The changes that we have made so far
2019 Jun 21

Our organization participated in performance of the ‘Durga Devi”, with a feminist project organized by Panos South Asia -Zubaan “Stepping Stones” which engages with youth in South Asia on topics such as sexual violence and the impunity project. We presented our first performance at the National Law College Sanepa, Kathmandu and included a 1-hour discussion […]

2019 Mar 17


     Agor Drysau – Opening Doors Festival 2019, Wales Agor Drysau – Opening Doors Festival 2019, is Wales International Festival of Performing Arts for Young Audiences, which is organised every two years by Arad Goch Theatre Company. The Festival provides children, young people and families in Wales with the opportunity to experience some of […]